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Woman claims… hasn’t eaten anything or drunk water for 16 years, still healthy, doesn’t even have to go to toilet

Ethiopia News: A surprising case has come to light from the African country Ethiopia, where resident woman Muluwork Ambav claims that she is alive without eating or drinking anything. The woman claims that she has not eaten anything for 16 years since last year. At present the age of the woman is 26 years and she had given up food and water since the age of 10. Muluwork says that when she turned 10 years old, her need for food and drink ended. Reminiscing, Muluwork told that he had last eaten red lentil stew. She considers not feeling hungry as God’s grace.

According to a report by Daily Star News, traveler Drew Binsky met Muluwork during a trip to Ethiopia. During this time he tried to know from Muluvark whether he had really survived without eating or drinking for 16 years? Responding to this, Muluwork said, ‘My fast started suddenly. One day my mother prepared breakfast for me and asked me to go to school, but I did not feel like eating or drinking anything, since then this fast has continued.’

Muluwork does not need a toilet
Drew Binsky said about meeting Muluwork that in reality the world of Muluwork is completely different. She lives in a nice pucca house, there are old pictures on the walls of her room, which give the feeling of a different world. There is a crude toilet in Muluwork’s house, regarding which Muluwork said that he never needs a toilet, but his daughter and sister use the toilet. Muluwork mostly spends her time in gardening and keeps giving vegetables to people. She likes to cook food and feed children, but she does not eat anything.

No substance was found in the digestive system
A team of doctors in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa examined Muluwork, during which the doctors declared Muluwork absolutely healthy. Doctors found that there was no food, water or waste material in Muluwork’s digestive system. In such a situation, he does not need to urinate or defecate. Muluwork told that doctors have also come from Dubai and Qatar to examine him, but all of them leave saying he is normal. 

Could not breastfeed the child
Muluwork told that when she was pregnant, she was given glucose to nourish the child. After the birth of the child, Muluwork could not breastfeed him. Muluwork believes that his unusual condition was caused by God. She doesn’t know why this is happening to her, and she also doesn’t think she will be able to eat food anymore. Apart from this, Muluwork said that those who say that I am lying, they should come and live with me. 

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