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Without electricity, it will give 15 hours of cool air.

New Delhi: The heat mercury is rising day by day and it has become difficult to get out of the house in the afternoon. The heat wave has become unbearable for the citizens. You may be working in an office work-from-home Even if it is on, the fan will not reach the place where you are working. So for cool air you can buy some good and cheap products available in the market. These products will be useful for keeping your body cool even in summer. There are many mini fans available on online shopping platforms, which cost a lot less. However, these small fans will be very useful to you. What is special is that this mini fan does not cause high electricity bill. Let us know in detail about the table fan that comes at such a low price.

SMARTDEVIL Portable Rechargeable Battery Operated Small Personal Desktop Table Fan with 4 Speed ​​Levels

There are many battery operated fans available in the market, which you can buy at very low prices. However, the battery life of this fan is short so many people avoid buying it. However, today we are going to tell you about a portable fan, whose battery lasts for hours on a single charge and you can use it anywhere. SMARTDEVIL’s Portable Desktop Table Fan lasts up to 15 hours on a single charge. This means that once charged, you can use the fan for up to 15 hours.

This SMARTDEVIL Portable Desktop Table Fan online shopping platform is available on Amazon with 26% bumper discount. The mini fan is priced at Rs 2,699. But, you can buy it for only Rs. 1,999 after discount. Yes Fan Provides excellent cooling in minutes and its range is also good. If you are doing office work from home, you can place this fan on your table in such a situation. What is special is that the price is also very low. Also, Buy Surety on Flipkart Micro USB Mini Smartphone Fan Available cheaply. You can buy this fan which can be used through smartphones for less than Rs. 150.


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