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With this secret trick of Windows, you can hide any folder in a pinch, learn how


To hide any folder in Windows laptop, click on its properties.
After this, while selecting the folder icon, click on the blank i.e. white.
Now no one will be able to see it except you. You can open it by double clicking.

People do most of the work with the help of smartphones only. But many times due to lack of storage and some secret, they transfer a file from smartphone to laptop or PC and keep it safely. If there is a personal PC then there is no problem. But sometimes other members of the house also use it. In such a situation it is not easy to hide anything. Some people definitely try to hide it by making folders at different places.

In such a situation, any folder can be hidden in a pinch by taking just a few seconds. No one will know about it except you.

create folder like this
To create a folder in Windows laptop, first right click and click on Create New Folder.
Now a new folder has been created in front of you.
In this, along with pictures, videos or games, you can easily keep any software.
If you want to hide it, first of all right click on this folder.
After this, press Alt+255 while renaming it.
After renaming, nothing will appear as the name of the folder.

Select invisible icon
After renaming, right click on it and go to properties.
Here you will see many options, click on customize on the top right side.
Now click on the change icon.
After this you will get to see many icons. Only one of these has to be selected.
After getting the invisible i.e. white icon, double click on it.
Now cut it after doing OK.
After applying in the properties also, cut it by doing OK.

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how to search hidden folder
After following this process, now you have one more invisible folder.
In this, you can keep any pictures, videos as well as software.
No one will know about it except you.
If you want to open or search it, then double click on the place where you created this folder.
You can also relocate it as per your wish.
Most people pay more attention to the desktop, so avoid hiding it here.


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