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With the help of PhonePe, Airpods worth Rs 15,000 was returned to the woman, Auto Driver helped in this way

New Delhi. These days a post is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This post is about losing Apple Airpods in auto rickshaw. However, later these Airpods were returned to the woman and she has also made a post about it on social media. Now many people are also sharing this post. Actually the funniest thing in this story is that the auto driver did not know the address of the woman. PhonePe was obtained from Means the auto driver had traced the woman to return the Airpods worth about 15 thousand rupees.

A woman named Shidika left the Airpods in the auto rickshaw itself. The woman wrote in her post, ‘I lost my airpods while traveling in an auto. The auto driver who dropped me outside WeWork gave my Airpods to security outside. First, he connected the Airpods and found out the owner’s name. After this he searched my name in PhonePe Transaction and returned them.

Different comments of people are also coming on this. Actually social media users want to know whether the auto driver is an engineer. Because he lives in Bangalore and generally haven’t seen such a tech savvy auto driver. Also, many users are praising the honesty of the auto driver. One user got angry and wrote, ‘Other people should also learn the lesson of honesty from this auto driver.’

One user wrote that we have seen many times that the auto drivers of Bangalore are much techier than the drivers of other places. You should be happy and give an Airpods to that auto driver. Other users have also shared their experience regarding this. He wrote that the same has happened to me as well. We left our bags in an auto. It was an ordinary auto, but the driver came back and returned the bag to us.

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