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Wireless charging and many expensive features will be available in this 5G

Moto G 5G Phone Features Price: Motorola’s new Moto G phone has been launched with new charging technology and new design. This smartphone is an upgrade of its older models.

There are budget smartphones with many premium features in the market with 5G connectivity. Now another name has been added to this list. Motorola has launched its new 5G smartphone. This smartphone is equipped with many other great features like wireless charging. Talking about the price, it is less than Rs 25 thousand. This smartphone of Motorola is Moto G Power 5G. Currently, this smartphone has been launched in some selected markets of the world. The company has given the option of 15W wireless charging in Moto G Power 5G, while it can also be charged with 30W wired charging. This smartphone, which works on MediaTek Dimension chipset, has a 50-megapixel camera. For long backup, Motorola has provided a 5,000mAh battery in it.
Charger will have to be purchased separately
Wireless charging is the selling point of Moto G Power but you will not get this charger free with the smartphone. This means you will have to buy it separately like the Nothing Phone 2A. Smartphone manufacturing companies have introduced wireless charging in most of their smartphones priced above Rs 50,000. Before G Power, this feature was present only in Nothing’s Phone 1 and Phone 2, which were priced less than Rs 30,000. Actually, the purpose behind providing wireless charging along with expensive smartphones is to add additional cost.
Why is wireless technology expensive?
Wireless charging requires additional space to add a coil to the smartphone. Tuning it to work well isn’t cheap. Despite this reason, it is interesting to see Motorola adopting this path. We hope that in the coming time, more brands can launch their devices with this wireless technology in their mid-range phones. According to user experience and expert opinion, fast wired charging (as high as 67W) is better than 15W wireless charging technology.
Wireless charging has been present in the market for a long time, so now it is not a big deal to see this feature in low budget smartphones. Of course it is considered a luxury facility but now it is available at a lower price also. The Moto G phone comes with NFC, which was not there in the earlier editions.