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Wipro moves court against its former CFO, it is a case of violation of ‘non-compete clause’, what is this?

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Wipro is the fourth largest IT company of the country

There is a lot of turmoil these days in Azim Premji’s IT company Wipro, one of the world’s biggest philanthropists. The issue of his son Rishad Premji’s statement against moonlighting and subsequent retrenchment in the company was not yet over when the latest development is related to the company’s ex-CFO Jatin Dalal leaving the company. Wipro has reached court against him for violation of ‘non-compete clause’. Let us understand what is this incident?

The country’s fourth largest IT company Wipro has filed a case against Jatin Dalal in a local civil court of Bengaluru. Also, mediation has been demanded from the court in this matter. Actually, Jatin Dalal has joined Wipro’s global competitor ‘Cognizant’ on December 1 itself. Jatin Dalal spent his last time in Wipro on 30 November after working for almost 21 years. Now the next hearing in this case will be on January 3. After hearing the arguments of both the parties, the court will decide whether it should be sent to the arbitration forum.

Case of violation of ‘non-compete clause’

Jatin Dalal is currently reporting to Cognizant CEO Ravi Kumar. Ravi Kumar himself has been the CFO of Wipro since 2015, in the year 2019 he was also given the responsibility of President. After some time he joined Cognizant. Cognizant is a direct competitor of Wipro in the global market. Both Cognizant and Wipro have not given any official statement in this regard.

Even before this, Wipro had recently filed a civil suit against its senior executive Mohammad Haq. He had also reportedly joined Cognizant in August. This case is also related to the violation of ‘non-compete clause’ in the employment contract of Mohammad Haq. Haq also went to Cognizant after working in Wipro for about 13 years.

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