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Wiped off the face of the earth. Ninja action game FromSoftware removed from Steam

Digital stores are good for everyone – but even interesting games disappear over time. Sometimes pathetically, with an advance announcement, and often so quietly that many do not even notice it. Alas, that’s how Ninja Blade disappeared from Steam – FromSoftware’s last release before it plunged into the soulslike genre.


Now the delightfully trashy Xbox 360 thriller can no longer be legally added to your collection: at the request of the publisher, they decided to  remove it from the face of the earth. This is not the biggest loss (the action was frankly mediocre, and its PC port suffered from technical problems), but studio fans will now have to dig up old discs or shell out fabulous sums on sites that sell activation codes.

Recall that Ninja Blade came out in 2009. At that time, only a handful of gamers knew about FromSoftware (fans of King’s Field and Armored Core), but everything changed with the release of the company’s next game: Demon’s Souls.

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