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Winter Bike Care: Your favorite bike should not get stuck in the cold, take care of it with these tips

bike care in winter

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Bike maintenance in winter: With the onset of winter season bikes The problems also increase. We often see that the bike does not start quickly as soon as it gets cold and battery Also starts to end quickly. At the same time, there is also a problem in applying brakes. Your bike needs special care in winters. If you want to keep your bike running smoothly in winters like butter, then we have come up with some tips for you. By using them, your bike will be completely ready for cold weather.

Every season has its own fun. Winter is the favorite season for some people. Along with enjoying this weather, it is also important to take care of your favorite bike. Just like you need warm clothes and other things in winter, similarly the bike also demands extra care. With the tips mentioned here, you can take good care of your bike in winter.

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Do not park the bike in the open

In cold weather, dew falls at night. If you park your bike under the open sky, then the engine oil of the bike gets cold due to prolonged exposure to cold. Because of this, you have to face difficulty in starting the bike. To protect your bike from the cold, park it under the roof or in a closed place from above. If you have to park the bike under the open sky then you can use the cover.

take care of spark plug

Make sure to clean the spark plugs of the bike before the onset of winters. If the spark plug is damaged or old, replace it. Spark plug helps in starting any vehicle. Spark plugs go bad quickly in winter, so keep cleaning the spark plugs of the bike after some time.

kick start the bike

Start starting the bike with kick start instead of self start with cold knock. Kick start the bike at least once in a day. Due to this, the cooled down battery of the bike will not have to apply much force to start the engine. Accelerate slowly by starting the bike and then start your journey on the bike.

Use good quality oil

Change the engine oil of the bike during the onset of winter. Always use good quality engine oil in the bike. Fresh and good quality engine oil helps the engine to run smoothly. Thus, the engine of the bike works well even in extreme cold.

check tire grip

The humidity on the roads increases during the cold season, due to which the handling of the bike becomes very difficult at high speeds. So check the grip of the tires of your bike. If the tires of your bike are worn then they should be replaced.


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