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Wind energy will create millions of jobs

More than 1.3 million people are currently employed in the wind energy sector worldwide. In the future, the expansion of this industry will create five times more jobs than today.

Alternative energy sources from wind energy have become very popular in the world. At present, there is continuous development in this sector.

It is estimated that there are more than 1.3 million people employed in the wind energy sector in different countries. Now new employment opportunities are being created for those who are educated in this field. In the future, these opportunities will not diminish but increase.

BG I Siemens Wind OffshoreNew employment opportunities are emerging for those studying the wind energy sector

Out of a total of 1.3 million employees, 600,000 are involved in issues such as wind park planning while around 4.5 million people are involved in the process of installing turbines.

After the installation of a windmill, its daily maintenance is also an important process. This sector also employs 220,000 people.

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Like other companies, German Wind Technologies has expanded. The expansion of this sector in Germany has opened new doors of employment for many people.

Currently millions of people in different countries are employed in this industry. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, Asia is the leader in this industry and China is at the forefront of Asian countries.

China is a country where 1.5 million people are employed in various capacities in the wind energy sector. India is the second largest continent in Asia after China, with 40,000 people in the sector.

Icon image |  Maintenance of wind turbineAccording to the International Renewable Energy Agency, Asia leads the industry

Most people on the European continent are employed in the wind power sector in Germany. It is followed by the United Kingdom, Denmark and the Netherlands. About 340,000 people in Europe are employed in this sector.

The wind energy sector is also growing in North and South America. So far, millions of people have found jobs in these two continents. One hundred and twenty thousand people have found jobs in the United States alone. Thousands of people are also employed in the wind power sector in Brazil and Mexico.

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International employment agencies say that in the future most jobs will be created in the alternative energy sector and more people will be attracted to wind energy.

German Wind Technologies

German Wind Technologies, the largest wind power company in Germany, has 2,000 employees. One of its employees, Tim Schlovsky, says wind energy is an important sector of the future and will continue to grow.

Germany wind turbine in the German BightCurrently millions of people in different countries are employed in this industry

This sector needs to be especially attracted to those who are not afraid of heights. A windmill is typically 40 to 60 meters high, and many can be even higher.

Sholovsky says technicians in a windmill service always work as a couple and have a lot of experience. Service technicians prioritize repairing faulty turbines. According to experts, it is very important to replace the old parts of the turbine.

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