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Will you get 5G service on 4G SIM?, or will you have to get a new SIM, understand this from the previous SIM card

New Delhi: 4g sim : The auction process for 5G spectrum in India is over. Now the country is ready for 5G service. A big announcement regarding this service is likely to be made on August 15. After this, 5G service can come in the country till October. But, users have got many questions regarding this. Will 5G service be provided on 4G SIM or will I have to get a new SIM card for this? Learn more about this.

New SIM released for 3G after 2G
We need to know some information to get 5G service on 4G SIM or not. Mobile service started in India with 2G. But, in 2008, MTNL entered India with 3G. After this came BSNL’s 3G service. After the spectrum auction in 2011, private operators started their 3G services. Which had many companies including Airtel, Vodafone and IDEA. But, after starting the service at that time, the operator had asked the users to get a new SIM for the 3G service. This service was not provided on the old SIM.

After 3G came 4G service

After 3G came 4G service. Even when companies like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea launched their services, they asked for a new SIM. This service was not provided on the old SIM. Geoch will not mention it. Because Jio service was launched along with 4G. Also for this it is necessary to get a new SIM. So now the question is being raised for 5G service whether this service will start on 4G SIM or not.

5G service can be provided easily on 4G SIM. But, it depends on the operators. But, still the operators have kept the users in the dark. No clear information has been given regarding this yet. Many companies’ phones including Apple iPhone and Samsung have provided e-SIM service. Also working well. Without SIM, the phone is supporting 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks each. If 25 rupees are taken from one user for one sim card, how much profit can companies get after taking this money from 30 crore or 40 crore users.

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