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Will the war between Russia and the USA start on the territory of Ukraine?

According to the journalist, the worst that can happen in the future is the crossing of the Ukrainian military border by the Russian military and the start of the war.

What will the United States do in the event of an attack on Ukraine? On December 3, President of the United States Biden announced that the US was ready to defend Ukraine against the invasion of the Russian Federation.

But will the war eventually start? The author believes that the situation in the Black Sea is now rather gloomy. The United States is unlikely to be the first to attack the Russian Federation, but it may get involved in a conflict if the Russian military crosses the Ukrainian border. At the same time, although Russia does not want war, it may well in the future, according to the journalist, take decisive action to protect Crimea.

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As for the all-out war between Russia and NATO or the United States, it is unlikely to start. And if the Russian Federation fails in Ukraine or in the Black Sea, it can go to the Sea of ​​Japan.


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