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Will the dream of flying car in India come true within 5 to 10 years?

New Delhi.
Suzuki And SkyDrive It has partnered for research and development of flying cars. Let us tell you, the Japanese company SkyDrive has been developing ‘flying cars’ and cargo drones since the year 2018. Skydrive says that its cargo drones are already operating at various worksites in Japan, especially in mountainous areas. Currently, the company is developing a compact, two-seater electric flying car and is looking to go into full-scale production.

What to expect from the Suzuki and SkyDrive partnership?

SkyDrive intends to launch an air taxi service during the 2025 World Expo in Osaka, Japan. The company said that it is looking forward to rolling out its service in other Japanese cities as well. Coming to their partnership, SkyDrive and Suzuki said they will collaborate in business and technology and develop new markets with an initial focus on India. The two parties have yet to disclose details of investments in the collaboration, product timelines and targets. With this association, Suzuki is set to enter its fourth mobility business of manufacturing automobiles, motorbikes and outdoor motors as well as flying cars.

What will be the plans of Suzuki in India?

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If seen, flying cars in India from anywhere cannot be a part of reality. The infrastructure of electric cars is not yet well prepared and flying cars in India are impossible for the next 5-10 years. However, Suzuki recently announced that it is investing Rs 10,440 crore for the development of electric vehicles and EV batteries in India. Not only this, the company is also working with Toyota on an all-electric midsize SUV, which is to be launched by January 2025. Designed for India and other global markets. The electric vehicle will be based on an all-electric platform by a consortium of 7 car manufacturers and suppliers.


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