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Will Pakistan launch a nuclear attack on India? JF-17 Thunder fighter jet fitted with nuclear cruise missile Ra’ad

Pakistan Council Missile: Pakistan has deployed the nuclear cruise missile ‘Raad’ in its new fighter jet JF-17 Thunder. Pakistan calls this missile Hatf-8. After installing this missile in the fighter jet, Pakistan has now become capable of launching a long-range nuclear attack. This missile is a big threat to India, because many areas of India come under its range.

In fact, the Pakistan Army is now equipping the JF-17 Thunder fighter jets received from China with state-of-the-art weapons in place of its old Mirage aircraft. Pakistan has installed the cruise missile Ra’ad in the wings of the JF-17 fighter jet. In such a situation, Pakistan can now launch a nuclear attack at any time. ‘Raad’ is a subsonic air launched cruise missile. Pakistan included this missile in its army in the year 2012. The length of the Raad missile is 4.85 meters and its diameter is 0.5 meters. The Raad missile is capable of carrying 450 kg of conventional or nuclear weapons. The range of this missile is up to 550 kilometers.

Pakistan can launch a nuclear attack with these missiles
Overall, Pakistan has now become capable of long-range nuclear missions. The JF-17 fighter jet has been jointly developed by China and Pakistan. The JF-17 is compared to India’s LCA Tejas aircraft. Pakistan has the Hatf-8 missile for air-to-ground targets, through which nuclear attack can be carried out. Apart from this, Pakistan also has Shaheen-1 and Shaheen-2 missiles, which are quite dangerous. Pakistan has the medium-range Ghauri missile and also has ground-launched cruise missiles.

How dangerous are Pakistan’s missiles?
All these missiles of Pakistan are capable of carrying nuclear weapons and all of them have different ranges. Pakistan is constantly upgrading these missiles with the help of China and other countries. But it is difficult to say how much danger these missiles pose to India. The maximum speed of Pakistan’s Rad missile is 980 kilometers per hour. This missile is capable of flying according to the geographical situation.


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