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Will Musk make Twitter YouTube? Learn Elon Musk’s complete plan

new Delhi. Elon Musk bought Twitter a few months ago. although since buying before buying twitter Twitter Major changes are being made. One such new change will soon be seen by users, in which users will be able to post 60 minutes long videos. In such a situation, users are asking whether Elon Musk wants to make Twitter YouTube?

Twitter users will be able to post 60 minute videos

Although Elon Musk will be able to answer his question better, but according to Gizmochina’s report, users will have to take Twitter Blue subscription to post 60-minute long videos on Twitter. For this, users may have to pay from Rs 600 to Rs 900. Elon Musk believes that such a change will help in connecting new users with Twitter.

Premium service will be available on Twitter
Explain that in Twitter Blue Subscription, users are given a blue checkmark. Along with this, the verification of the user’s profile is done. Gold checkmark is being offered by Twitter to separate the business group from the common users. Users will be given ad free service in Blue Subscription. Also, some premium services can be offered, which will not be offered to common users.

Now you can post 10 minute videos
The Twitter Blue subscription will cost US$8. Reply, comment, search and video posting will be given priority in Blue Subscription offer. Not only this, users with Twitter Blue subscription also get the facility to upload 60 minutes long videos. At present, Twitter users can upload 10 minutes of video. This facility is for iOS and Android users of mobile users.


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