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Will life be possible on exoplanet outside Earth? This thing came out in new research

The role of liquid water is important in the search for exoplanets that can give life like Earth. Water suggests the possibility of life on a planet. Scientists have detected many such water bodies and now a study suggests that liquid water can exist on the surface of exoplanets for many billions of years, even under different conditions. Researchers from the University of Bern, the University of Zurich and the National Center of Competition in Research (NCCR) explain that this approach is desperately needed to search for habitable exoplanets. It is worth noting that planets that orbit stars other than the Sun are called exoplanets.

Ravit Held, professor of theoretical astrophysics at the University of Zurich and co-author of the study. accordingOne reason for the liquid form of water on Earth is its atmosphere. He said that the natural greenhouse effect on the earth produces the necessary heat for oceans, rivers and rain.

When Earth was formed, its atmosphere was mostly hydrogen and helium. Earth lost this atmosphere over time, but some large planets can retain this atmosphere indefinitely.

Ravit Held says that such an environment can also induce the effect of greenhouse gases. Scientists found out in their study whether such environments can create the necessary conditions for liquid water. Published in Nature Astronomy Study Researchers prepared models of many planets and observed their evolution over billions of years. Scientists have found that planets that retain their atmosphere may have the right conditions for liquid water.

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Research findings suggest that such conditions on planets can last for many billions of years. However, another author of the study said that the possibility of life flourishing in such conditions is not yet known. Significantly, scientists have also detected such exoplanets, which are similar to Earth due to their structure. Although life is not possible there, because the temperature of those planets is very high. Now new research suggests that water can exist on the surface of exoplanet for many billions of years.



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