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Will have to pay for Google Search? ChatGPT has changed the game!

New Delhi. Artificial intelligence based ChatGPT is continuously improving. In the initial phase ChatGPT where limited to essay writing only. Same now the information of ChatGPT has also become better than before. Although ChatGPT has increased the concerns of Google, because the AI ​​based Bard chatbot introduced by Google in competition of ChatGPT has completely failed.

Search is the main source of Google’s earnings.
Explain that Google search is the main source of earning from Google. 70% of Google’s revenue comes from Google Search. Google earns $150 billion from search every year. But after the entry of ChatGPT, Google is feeling a dent in its business. If ChatGPT replaces Google, then Google’s earnings are bound to decrease. A sample of this was seen when Google introduced its AI tool Bard. As soon as Bard gave the wrong answer, the shares of Google owned Alphabet company had crashed in the stock market. Google had to suffer more loss than Adani in a day. The company has suffered a loss of about Rs 8 lakh crore.

pay for google search
In such a situation, experts believe that if the ChatGPT subscription is successful, then Google will not be able to provide its search service for free for a long time. In such a situation, it is believed that Google can charge money for search in the coming days if the earnings are low. Although the company has not officially announced this. Anyway, Google has already started paying some of its free services. This includes everything from YouTube to Gmail and cloud storage services.

Note – Please tell that this is an opinion based story. It is not based on the claims of any expert.


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