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Will be able to tweet from car! Elon Musk said – ‘X’ will come in Tesla cars

Elon Musk announced on Sunday that Tesla car users will soon have access to the integrated ‘X’ social media platform. Last year, Musk purchased Twitter and rebranded it as ‘X’, introducing a subscription-based service. Now, preparations are underway to integrate X into Tesla cars. In response to a follower’s inquiry about integrating the X app into Tesla vehicles, Musk replied, ‘Coming soon.’

This means that electric car owners will be able to use the ‘X’ platform through a software update in the Tesla user interface (UI). While some users praised Musk’s initiative, others expressed concerns. One X user commented that such engineering efforts are a waste of time, as it would be challenging to actively use the app while driving. They pointed out that typing would be difficult and could distract drivers, making driving more challenging.

In other news related to X, a report in February by the Tech Transparency Project (TTP) caused controversy. The investigation revealed that X had allowed several terrorist organizations to pay for its premium service. This included members of Hezbollah, which is banned in the United States. The report stated that X approved payment for its premium service to dozens of individuals and organizations associated with terrorist groups. However, X later removed all such accounts.


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