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WiFi Speed ​​Tips: Your WiFi Connection Is Running Slow? Follow these easy tips immediately

Easy Tips To Increase WiFi Speed: In today’s time it has become very difficult to work without internet. In this age of online, from studies and work to shopping and food, everything is connected to our smartphone and internet. Normally data is available in our recharge plans but people try to use WiFi for internet in their homes. If you have WiFi in your house too but it becomes slow again and again, then we tell you what could be the reason behind it and how you can take care of it..

Why is your WiFi getting slow again and again?

Even after paying for a faster connection and more data, if your WiFi connection is slowing down from time to time, then there can be a big thing behind it. Many times it happens that the connection of WiFi installed in your house is so strong that people living in the houses near you also start using your own WiFi. If this happens then it is natural that your WiFi is slow.

Detect unknown connections like this

If you are wondering how you can find out who else has joined your WiFi, then let us solve your problem. Each device connected to your WiFi comes with a different IP and MAC address, which the owner may have given a different name. You can find this out by going to your router’s settings. If you see some names there that you are not familiar with, you will know who is using your WiFi.

Keep these important things in mind

Now we are going to tell you some such important things by taking care of which you can keep your WiFi private and secure. First, protect your home WiFi with a hard password. It should be a password that you remember and at the same time, it should be difficult. Change the router’s login ID and password. Common words like ‘root’ and ‘admin’ are fed by WiFi router manufacturers but they are quite simple and common, so change them from time to time. Hide the router’s SSID and use internet monitoring software.     

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