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Wi-Fi running slow? Follow these simple tips to increase speed

New Delhi : Wi-Fi Speed: Today many things are not possible without internet. If there is no internet, you can’t do any work even from your smartphone. Many also install Wi-Fi at home. Depending on the need, we choose broadband plans. Generally broadband plans come with 40 Mbps speed. But, even with expensive plans, there is often a problem of internet not working fast. If you want to increase the Wi-Fi speed, you have to call the customer care frequently. But, even after calling repeatedly, the speed does not increase. But, we are going to tell you some simple tips, with the help of which you can easily increase Wi-Fi speed. Let’s learn about these tips.

Relocate the Wifi router

Often the Wi-Fi router is placed in the wrong place, so there is a possibility that the speed is low. Many people set their Wi-Fi router too low. This does not provide coverage to every corner of the house. So the router should be set at altitude. So, the range reaches other rooms in the house as well. In this way, you can increase the speed of Wi-Fi. Downloading speed will also increase.


If you are using Wi-Fi, the company also has an app. You will get many different options in this app. It will have a Wi-Fi optimization option. You can use this option if Wi-Fi speed is low. Optimizing Wi-Fi helps increase speed. If you haven’t used this option yet, definitely give it a try. This will definitely increase the Wi-Fi speed.

Also, if the speed is low, it is necessary to set the Wi-Fi router in the right place and its antenna should be in good condition. A Wi-Fi antenna set up properly will provide speed throughout the house. Besides, you can also restart the router. If this does not increase the speed, you may need to contact your Wi-Fi provider.

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