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Wi-Fi Calling | Network is bad, there is a problem in calling? So do this work, the problem will go away.

New Delhi: Many times there is a lot of difficulty in making calls due to a bad network. Due to which the call gets dropped and remains incomplete. But, do you know that this problem can be overcome. For this, users just need to turn on the Wi-Fi Calling feature. Wi-Fi Calling is not a new concept, but since long ago many telecom operators provide this facility in India as well.

With Wi-Fi Calling technology, you can talk without call drops even in low network coverage. Most smartphones also support Wi-Fi Calling. This option is great for those who live in less networked areas. Wi-Fi Calling As the name suggests, it allows users to make calls through a Wi-Fi network.

What is Wi-Fi Calling?

VoWi-Fi (Voice over Wi-Fi) allows you to make voice or video calls over Wi-Fi networks. Through this, telecom operators allow users to make calls over the Internet instead of the network. For this reason, even if you have less network, then you can easily get crystal clear calling experience.

How to use

Wi-Fi Calling is not supported in all smartphones. For this reason, you have to first check whether your phone has this feature or not. For this, you can search for Wi-Fi Calling by going to the phone’s settings, then turn it on. However, if your Wi-Fi connection is slow, you may have trouble making calls. This feature is available for both Android and iPhone.

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