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Why You Shouldn’t Shop When Using a VPN You need to be careful with free providers of such services.

In Russia, the demand for VPN services has grown, but their use can be unsafe, especially in the case of free VPNs. So, a company specializing in cybersecurity, Angara Security, warned Russians that using free VPNs should be careful when paying for online purchases.
The pledge of secure payment on the Internet is the use of SSL / TLS encryption by the site, as evidenced by the abbreviation https in the address bar of the site you are on, but if the site does not have such a certificate, then a different set of letters will be used there – http, which will mean the possibility interception of your banking data by a VPN provider.

It can be logins, passwords, bank card details. If, when paying on such a site, the user has an untrusted VPN enabled, you need to remember that the traffic will go through third-party uncontrolled servers, as a result of which payment data can be received by the VPN provider. When a site uses https, this is usually not possible.

Angara Security

In addition, an Angara Security analyst warned that free VPN services should not be trusted, since you most often pay for “free” by collecting data about your actions on certain sites, which the services subsequently sell to third parties.


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