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Why you shouldn’t forget about Nvidia’s new budget mobile graphics cards. GeForce MX570 is very close to RTX 2050 in benchmarks

While the first tests of mobile Intel Arc graphics cards appear on the Web, many have forgotten that Nvidia also recently introduced a number of new products, including the GeForce RTX 2050 and MX570.

These cards are based on the GA107 GPU and offer support for the latest Nvidia technologies. Despite being related to different families, the cards are very similar. And tests show that this is true for performance as well.

At least in Geekbench, the adapters show almost identical performance. While the RTX 2050 scores 48,617 points, the MX570 scores 44,638 points, just 10% behind. What’s more, the RTX 2050 in the other laptop scores nearly 46,000 points, which drops the difference to near zero. For comparison: the GeForce MX550 scores 35,697 points, which is 30% or more behind the older models.

True, OpenCL tests cannot be called optimal for comparing video cards, but in this case we are talking about related solutions, so the results are quite indicative.

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