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Why You Should Be Particularly Healthy When Your Dog Is A French Bulldog

In a recent study by British scientists, it was found that some dogs are more susceptible to various diseases than others. In particular, these are French Bulldogs. Read more in BBC Science Focus Magazine.

A team of researchers from the Royal College of Veterinary Medicine in Hertfordshire has found that French Bulldogs are more likely than other breeds to develop one of 20 common diseases. The results of this study were published in Canine Medicine and Genetics.

Dogs of this breed are more likely to develop airway obstruction syndrome, cutaneous dermatitis. They also have more frequent narrowing of the nostrils, discharge from the ears. However, despite this, they are less prone to 11 out of 43 specific diseases compared to other breeds of dogs. For example, French Bulldogs are unlikely to be obese or lame.

For the study, scientists analyzed records of 2,781 French Bulldogs and 21,850 dogs of other breeds that participated in the VetCompass program. Data for analysis were taken from veterinary reports.

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