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Why there will be no more unlimited tariffs for mobile Internet in Russia

Many are familiar with the situation when the operator proposes to switch to a new tariff, and then it turns out that you need to pay much more for it than for the previous one. Moreover, it becomes known after a certain period of use. In fact, the internal reserves of operators have already been exhausted. To receive money, they must change the terms of the tariff, but they cannot openly do so. The first thing that affected such changes is unlimited Internet options.

In general, for unlimited Internet, operators already set restrictions. But it is impossible to find out about them in advance, since there are no established uniform rules for operators in this regard. That is, everything is individual. For example, subscribers who have just connected to MTS say that the Internet speed is very good, but later (after a month or several weeks) they notice that it has changed and not for the better.

In “Tele2” thus reduce the speed of the Internet for those who use it a lot (for example, 150 GB for three months). Best of all, such conditions are with “Beeline”, where 300 GB is given monthly (and on tariffs for routers, everything is unlimited). However, such offers have a drawback: now they are not profitable either for operators or for subscribers themselves. The limitation of the amount of transmitted data for those who heavily load the network and use a lot of mobile unlimited Internet is established so that most people can normally use the operator’s services.

In order for the quality of the Internet to be good and 5G networks to develop, operators need money. You can get them through the sale of services. However, the state does not allow them to change the cost of services, so they have to come up with something else. One way is to give up unlimited internet in 2022. The first steps in this direction have already been taken.

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