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Why the NATO army is dangerous for Russia: five threats

So, what conflicts can arise and what events will happen in the world due to the fact that the West does not want to negotiate with the Russian Federation? They were reported by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

  1. Placement of nuclear weapons in Poland, Germany and the Baltic States… It is now known that Poland and the Baltic countries are ready to accept such weapons. In addition, Germany and the Netherlands can act as forwards. In response, Russia will be able to demonstrate the power of the Kinzhal, Zircon and Avangard hypersonic missile systems. The Russian Federation also has an aviation regiment of MiG-31 aircraft equipped with “daggers”.
  1. Nuclear war in space… According to the military expert, in the near future the United States will launch X37B spacecraft into low-earth orbit, which will be capable of “carrying weapons to destroy ground targets.” RF is also working on similar technologies.
  1. Inclusion of the ex-republics of the USSR into NATO… Ukraine and Georgia want to join NATO. In addition, Azerbaijan is also a potential candidate.
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