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Why some adolescents and children gain weight dramatically

The study was published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. As it turned out, the weight gain of children may be due to a disturbed hormonal background, which affects their tendency to obesity.

In particular, it turned out that obese adolescents are deficient in the hormone spexin, on which the control over the mass of adipose tissue and the energy balance of the body depends.

As part of the scientific work, experts analyzed data on spexin in 51 overweight adolescents and 18 normal adolescents. Over the course of two years, blood samples were taken from them to measure the amount of the hormone in it. It turned out that the lack of this hormone is associated with obesity. Thus, children with a deficiency of spexin are 5.25 times more susceptible to obesity than children with a high level of the hormone.

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