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Why real spiders don’t look like the protagonist of Spider-Man films

According to scientist Rod Crawford, there are many inconsistencies between Spider-Man’s abilities and true arachnids. For example, one of them is “sprinkling” silk from hands. In fact, real spiders create silk only from spinning nodes located in the tail of the abdomen. There are other features as well.

  1. Strength… Spider-Man is capable of lifting objects, the mass of which is many times greater than his own. Spiders are able to lift, thanks to the web, such prey, which is much heavier than them. However, these insects have the same strength as other animals of the same size.
  1. Agility… The hero of the films moves quickly, including by jumping. Real spiders can also move at high speed: there is even a species that is able to overtake a cheetah. But with jumps, everyone has different ways: someone is able to jump well, someone is not, but in any case they do not jump like Spider-Man. Spiders do not have extensor muscles, which means that their jumping leg is extended due to the increase in blood pressure.
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