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Why people are not able to adequately assess their appearance

Scientists have come up with a method for visualizing so-called mental self-portraits. The study involved 116 adults. With the help of computer simulations for the volunteers, the mental images of their own faces were reconstructed. They chose from two random faces the one that more, in the opinion of the participant, was similar to their own. The choice was repeated many times. As a result, psychologists averaged all the images and got “mental selfies”.

The researchers saw that people’s mental representations of their own appearance did not always correspond to reality. They depended on self-esteem and the perception of their personality. If a person considered himself to be an extrovert, he thought that his facial expression looked more confident and conducive to communication. This, however, might not correspond to the truth.

Scientists conducted a second experiment of the same kind, but with bodies, not faces. The results are similar. People who thought less about their appearance considered themselves fatter than they actually were.

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