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Why “omicron” is not dangerous for those with weak immunity

Due to the fact that the omicron variant was formed in the body of people with immunodeficiency and due to the fact that there are many such people, it is now easily tolerated. At the same time, according to the pulmonologist Sergei Puryasev, this is actually always good, since the human body does not seem to notice this virus. However, in the treatment of coronavirus, this feature can help, because with a strong immune response to an infection, the body can even kill itself, and this does not happen with a weakened immunity.

As “Life” reports with reference to “Izvestia”, the head of the Research Institute of Viral Infections at the “Vector” Center of Rospotrebnadzor, Alexander Semyonov, the recently discovered strain is able to cause pneumonia faster – already 3-5 days after infection. However, the WHO has not yet reported a single case of death due to omicron. According to the South African Ministry of Foreign Affairs, not a single infected person has yet been connected to a ventilator.

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