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Why NVIDIA will create a twin of Earth on the most powerful supercomputer

NVIDIA noted that the fight against climate change must begin today. But it is quite difficult to take action without seeing the result right now. Therefore, the company decided to bring the future closer – to model it.

It takes enormous computing power to make a realistic model. Scientists estimate that it will take millions and billions of times more computing power than what is available today. “It will take decades to achieve this with the usual dynamics of computational evolution (acceleration 10 times every five years),” writes NVIDIA.

The company aims to achieve its goal by combining three technologies: GPU-accelerated computing, deep learning and breakthroughs in neural networks with knowledge of the laws of physics, and AI-enabled supercomputers.

Earth-2 will be the equivalent of Cambridge-1, the world’s most powerful medical research AI supercomputer, also developed by NVIDIA.

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