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Why KamAZ gas trucks are good compared to diesel ones, one of the plant managers said

Yevgeny Pronin, director of KamAZ for gas engine technology, said that a number of factors play in favor of gas engine technology today, including its efficiency, simplicity and availability of the fuel itself, which has now become a full-fledged alternative.

According to him, today motor vehicles are at the stage of a global transition from a monopoly of liquid fuel to a polygamy of energy sources, so KamAZ is actively working to develop and organize the production of appropriate vehicles.

“Gas engine technology has proven its viability and efficiency and is already a full-fledged alternative to diesel technology,” Evgeny Pronin emphasized.

Evgeny Pronin noted that due to the simplicity of the engine design, the exhaust gas aftertreatment system and the availability of all necessary components, the use of natural gas motor fuel makes it possible to continue the implementation of the Low-Carbon Development Strategy at minimal cost and not lower the environmental class of manufactured cars below Euro-5.

He also said that technically modern gas-powered KamAZ trucks are in no way inferior to diesel ones. One of the evidence of this can be a 12-liter KAMAZ engine: if a few years ago it produced only 240 hp, now the P6 gas engine develops 450 hp with the same volume. Finally, the range on liquefied natural gas is comparable to the range on diesel fuel, and the structurally simple exhaust gas aftertreatment system in the muffler is 205 kg lighter than that of a diesel engine and does not require maintenance.

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