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Why is Xiaomi 11T better than 11T Pro

The editor-in-chief of Mobiltelefon.ru Evgeny Makarov compared the main characteristics of the Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro. It turned out that in terms of performance, the MediaTek processor in the 11T performed better than the latest Snapdragon.

In general, how do these two models differ from each other? These are processors (MediaTek Dimensity 1200-Ultra and Snapdragon 888), RAM (8 GB and 8/12 GB), video functions (4K 30 fps and 4K 60 fps, 8K), speakers (stereo and harman / kardon) and charging speed (67W and 120W).

  1. Set… It is the same: in addition to the smartphone itself, it includes a transparent silicone case, a charging unit, a cable, and documentation. But it should be noted that the power supplies are different in terms of power and size: one is 67 W smaller, the second is 120 W larger.
  1. Charging time… As for the 11T Pro, it charges from 0 to 100% in 23 minutes (while the manufacturer promises 17 minutes). The difference between the charging speed promised by Xiaomi and the real one for the 11T is not that big: in 38 minutes it charged up to 100 percent, and the promised time was 36 minutes.
  1. Autonomy… Despite the same battery size (5000 mAh), the version with MediaTek (11T) lasts longer than the version with Snapdragon (11T Pro).
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