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Why is there a recirculation button in a car’s air conditioner? Learn what is its use

In summer, the air conditioner inside the car is most needed. During the summer we want the cabin of the car to cool down as soon as possible and stay away from the heat. It usually takes an average of 10-15 minutes for a car’s air conditioning system to cool down completely. If the car is big then this time takes more time.

However, if you use a feature provided in the car, then you can cool the cabin for less time. The cabin can be cooled down instantly using the recirculation system provided with the car’s air conditioner. Actually, this system works with a button which is given on the panel of the air condition system.

How does the recirculation system work

This is a little different from using an air conditioner in general. If recirculation is on, it does not take in hot air from outside the car, but repeatedly cools the air inside the cabin. Air conditioners have to make more effort to cool the air by taking hot air from outside, which takes a long time to cool the cabin.

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But when recirculation is being used, the air conditioner system does not take in hot air from the outside, but instead cools the air inside the cabin in the circulation. Due to this, the air inside the cabin cools down quickly and also stays cool for a long time.




When to use recirculation?

It is better to use the recirculation system in the summer season. It is not advisable to use the recirculation system during the rainy season. This is because during the rainy season there is more moisture in the air. During this, if recirculation is used, moisture-laden air continues to circulate inside the car, which can cause fog to form on the mirrors.




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