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Why is sunroof feature not necessary in India, do auto companies make a big mistake by providing it in competition?

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Sunroof feature is now being provided in most of the cars sold in India, some people also see it as a status symbol.

Sunroof feature is now being provided in most of the cars sold in the country. Auto companies offer sunroof feature as a premium feature, which makes the car attractive and luxurious. But is this feature really useful and necessary in India? Different people have their own arguments regarding this.

When we talked to our auto expert Ketan Sharma about the sunroof feature in the car, he enumerated both its disadvantages and advantages. He also explained the legal aspects on the sunroof feature, about which we are telling you in detail here.

Arguments in favor of sunroof feature

  • Feeling of openness and fresh air: Opening the sunroof gives a feeling of openness and fresh air inside the car, which makes the journey more pleasant.
  • Natural Light: The sunroof brings natural light inside the car, reducing the need for lighting during the day.
  • Sporty Look: Sunroof gives a sporty and attractive look to the car.

Arguments against sunroof

  • price: Cars with sunroof are a little more expensive than normal cars.
  • maintenance: Sunroofs need to be cleaned and maintained regularly, which incurs additional costs.
  • Security: Some people believe that sunroof weakens the safety of the car.
  • Weather of India: It is hot and humid in India for most of the year. In such a situation, the sunroof can increase the temperature inside the car.
  • air pollution: The level of air pollution in India is very high. Opening the sunroof can allow dust, dirt and pollutants to enter the car.

According to auto expert Ketan, both good and bad arguments can be given regarding the sunroof feature. He told that auto companies in the country have started sunroof feature in cars to give Indians the feeling of seeing foreign automakers. He also said that the sunroof feature depends on your personal likes and dislikes. If you want, you can buy a sunroof feature car and if you don’t want, then don’t buy it. There are many options available for both the cars.

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