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Why is one corner of the SIM card cut off? Find out

New Delhi: In everyone’s hands today Smartphone Can be seen. However, the two most important things to use a phone are an internet connection and a SIM card. SIM card If not here’s a new product just for you! The SIM card allows each person to have a different phone number, but it also makes it easier to communicate with others through the handset. Everything from education to entertainment is available on smartphones. However, to use all these services, you need to have a SIM card in your phone (Sim Card) Is very important. If you have a SIM card, you can use the internet in your phone. Some of the leading telecom companies in the country are providing services to the users through SIM cards. You may have inserted the SIM card into the phone several times. However, have you ever wondered why one corner of the SIM card is truncated? Let’s find out now.

Initially the SIM card did not have a cut design. When the SIM card was used for mobile phones, its design was very simple. It was not cut in any way. This often led to problems in inserting and removing SIM cards from mobiles. Also, which part of the SIM card is inverted and which part is straight, is often not noticed. After realizing this problem of telecom companies, they made some changes in the design of SIM cards.

The change in the design of the SIM card by the telecom companies is one of the reasons why it seems to be cutting corners. With one corner of the SIM card cut off, it became very easy for people to insert SIM cards in their mobiles. As a result, other companies also started issuing SIM cards with cut corners. Currently the design of the SIM card tray in smartphones also features a side-cut design. So that users will not have any problem while installing SIM card. Meanwhile, in many smartphones now E-SIM Seems to be getting support. This will eliminate the problem of SIM card slot. E-SIM also makes it possible to use multiple numbers at once.

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