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Why is it useful to lisp with children

When interacting with babies, we can unconsciously switch to lisping: speaking with increased intonation, distorting pronunciation, etc. Now you have a counterargument for all those who don’t like it. It turned out that this babbling is good for children.

Scientists have previously seen that babies are actually more focused when lisping around with them. Now researchers have discovered another useful property of this way of communication. It turned out that babbling helps babies learn to reproduce the sounds of speech.

The fact is that adults so liken their speech to the “speech” of a child, that is, one who has less skills. Thus, people set an example of how to reproduce certain sounds.

Scientists even conducted an experiment with 60 pairs of children and parents. Infants were put on the lap of adults and sounds of different frequencies were played, similar to those that can be reproduced by an adult with a formed speech apparatus or a small child. Then a picture was displayed on the screen, looking at which the baby could control how long the sound would be played.

It turned out that children paid more attention to sounds similar to those that they themselves could have made.

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