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Why is it harder for some people to be happy?

According to one 2005 study, 50% of “human happiness” is determined by genes, 10% by circumstances, and 40% by what a person does. These figures have been criticized a lot. But for decades, scientists have done research with twins and have found that 40-50% of the variation in happiness is still due to genes. However, these numbers suggest that twins live almost the same life – which in reality is impossible.

In response to criticism of the 2005 article, the same authors wrote a new article in 2019 that presented a more subtle approach to the influence of genes on happiness. The authors recognized that the environment can influence genetic prerequisites. Genes influence behavior, but behavior can also alter gene expression. For example, when expectant mothers starved, their babies underwent genetic changes, and the production of growth factors was suppressed. As a result, children were born less in weight and with diseases.

When it comes to happiness, some people may be more sensitive to their surroundings than others. Therefore, by attending a wellness workshop or reading a book on positive psychology, they may be influenced by all of this and experience more changes than others.

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