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Why is it dangerous for the body to eat sweet in the morning?

Nutritionists from the United States talked not only about the dangers of daily morning sugar consumption for the body, but also about the erroneous morning habits that lead to the accumulation of the most dangerous type of fat.

According to Keila Girgen, if you remove sugar from your morning meal, it will be easier to cope with appetite during the day, if you neglect this, you can accumulate visceral fat. For the same reason, you should have more fiber in your breakfast, because it helps you stay full longer.

Victoria Collanese, nutritionist, noted that too much coffee is also bad for the body.

Excessive consumption of these drinks (coffee and tea) can spike the level of cortisol, the stress hormone … too high a level of cortisol, which persists for a long time, signals the body to store visceral fat

Victoria Collanese

According to Lauren Harris-Pincus, moderate amounts of carbohydrates without protein raise blood sugar levels, which can lead to excess weight later on.

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