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Why is ‘E and Y’ meme trending on social media, millions of people are discussing it

The “Look between E and Y on your keyboard” trend has been gaining traction on social media platforms recently. Many people are sharing memes related to this trend, but what exactly is the meaning behind these memes and why are they going viral? Well, if you take a glance at your keyboard, you’ll notice that there’s something interesting hidden between these two letters. Let’s delve into the details.

A new trend has emerged on social media platform X, focusing on the letters positioned between two keys on the keyboard. Specifically, we’re referring to the “look between E and Y on your keyboard” trend. This meme has been popping up everywhere, prompting curiosity about its significance and the reasons behind its popularity.

This meme skyrocketed to the top of trends on April 23rd. It involves prompting social media users to locate a letter situated between two specific keys on the keyboard, each with a unique meaning. Interestingly, this trend isn’t entirely new.

So, how did this trend originate? It all started on 4Chan, an image-based website where users share photos and engage in discussions. In May 2021, a meme related to the K-On animated series circulated on this platform. The meme instructed users to look between the keys “T” and “O” on their keyboards. This trend gained rapid traction.

The letters “Y,” “U,” and “I” are located between “T” and “O” on the keyboard, spelling out “Yui,” the name of a character from the animated series. Following this pattern, similar memes instruct users to look between other letter pairs, such as “H” and “L,” where “JK” appears, meaning “just kidding.”

As this meme gained momentum in April, many companies jumped on the bandwagon by creating related content. This contributed to the meme’s increasing popularity. Some memes associated with this trend have garnered over 4 million views, with brands like Swiggy and Tinder also joining in on the fun.

Even the Delhi Police joined the trend, humorously cautioning against distracted driving by suggesting that if you glance at your keyboard while driving, you might find an invoice between “Q” and “R.” Additionally, a meme from the Guinness World Records received over 71 million views.


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