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Why is China the target in Pakistan, what was the 90 days ultimatum; After which the attacks increased

Continuous attacks on Chinese citizens in Pakistan have increased the tension of Shehbaz Sharif government. The situation is such that Shahbaz Sharif himself along with the entire cabinet reached the Chinese Embassy to give clarification. But the attacks are not stopping.

In the last two weeks, there have been three attacks in Pakistan targeting Chinese citizens and the projects being prepared by them. On Tuesday, there was such a horrific attack that the vehicle of Chinese engineers was blown away and fell into a ditch and 5 people died. Apart from this, a driver of Pakistani origin was also killed. Till now no organization has taken responsibility for these attacks, but these attacks have increased the tension of both Pakistan and China. Till now, most of such attacks took place in Balochistan only, but on Tuesday an attack took place in Dasu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

After this attack, Pakistan is under so much pressure that PM Shahbaz Sharif along with the entire cabinet reached the Chinese Embassy and gave clarification on the attack. Regarding this, China has also demanded a thorough investigation and asked to take action against the culprits. Yet till now both China and Pakistan have failed to deal with these attacks. Be it the attack on Chinese professors in Karachi University or the attack in July 2021, in which 9 engineers were killed. One thing common in all of them was that the target was Chinese citizens or establishments.

Even before the attack on Tuesday, there was an attack in Turbat, Balochistan on Monday evening. This attack took place on the Navy base, in which 5 terrorists were killed. Baloch Liberation Army took responsibility for this attack. This organization is an armed group of Baloch, which has been aggressive towards the rights of Baloch and Balochistan. Baloch Liberation Army or BLA has earlier also attacked projects related to China Pakistan Economic Corridor and it started in 2018. Actually, this organization believes that Pakistan is exploiting the resources of Balochistan, but the local people there are being oppressed.

Last year BLA had given an ultimatum of 90 days

A large section in Balochistan believes that Pakistan has forcibly included their province. It started during the period of partition of India, when Jinnah had promised to take the decision after taking their opinion, but in the end got involved through military force. Now the people of Baloch Liberation Army believe that China is also supporting Pakistan in our oppression. In such a situation, he will have to move away from here and finish his projects. In August 2023 also, BLA had attacked the Chinese convoy and given an ultimatum of 90 days to China and Pakistan. Experts believe that the period of those 90 days has ended and that is why now Baloch separatists are carrying out attacks.


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