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Why is China going to dig a 11,811 feet deep pit in the snow?

China is preparing to dig a 3600 meter deep pit in Antarctica. This new scientific expedition of China has come into discussion. Recently there was news that China has built a new research station in Antarctica. Now through this research station, China is going to dig ice 3600 meters deep. After all, what is China’s objective?

Scientists have made a lot of discoveries in soil and water on Earth but not much attention has been paid to ice yet. But China Preparations have been made to dig the snow. China Daily’s According Antarctica By digging 11,811 feet deep in the ice, China wants to see if it has its own ecosystem somewhere below the ice? If it does, how does it work, and how is life able to thrive here in such cold?

China started this target in 2022. This scientific expedition will be conducted in Quilin Subglacial Lake. This lake is located 3600 meters below Princess Elizabeth Land, whose surface area is believed to be 370 square kilometers. Whereas its depth is believed to be around 200 meters. Scientists believe that this lake remained hidden from the outside world for about 3 million years. Potentially, such species can be found here which are capable of surviving in this type of environment.

On one hand, China will try to test the potential of biological diversity, on the other hand, this campaign is also pursuing another objective. Here China will also try to see the history and future of the Earth. On the basis of the history of the lake, it can be estimated how the environment here would have been different in ancient times. However, digging and researching in ice is a challenging task. It can break very quickly and cause significant disruption in work. In this direction, China’s Polar Research Institute is preparing such equipment through which drilling can be done in a clean manner.


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