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Why has this theme park been deserted for 37 years? People don’t come here out of fear

This theme park has been deserted for 37 years (Photo: Twitter/@deecentmedia)

There is no dearth of such people in the world, who often do some exciting work. Sometimes they start mountain climbing and sometimes they jump from the mountains with a parachute. To give such people an experience of thrill, theme parks are created in which many types of exciting games including roller coaster are played. There is a similar theme park in Ukraine, which was built about 37-38 years ago for the entertainment of the people, but then something happened that this theme park never opened. Even today people are afraid to come here.

This park, which looks like a haunted theme park, is located in the northern part of Ukraine, named ‘Pripyat Amusement Park’. All the exciting games available in a theme park are present here, but no one comes here. Although this deserted park is not haunted, but the horrifying scenes and scary stories here definitely disturb anyone.

Because of this the park could never open

According to the report of LadBible, this park was to be inaugurated almost four decades ago i.e. in May 1986, but due to the deadly nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, ‘Pripyat Amusement Park’ was closed just before its inauguration. Even today this park is a reminder of the disaster that shook every corner of the world. The way the park was decorated for its inauguration, that decoration is still visible today, but now the greenery of the forest has taken over it.

Radiation level is dangerous

It is said that due to that nuclear disaster, the level of radiation in this park also became very high and even today there is a danger of coming in contact with radiation here. This is the reason why this park was never opened. Although some adventurous people keep coming here to roam around, but do not make the mistake of staying too long, because the level of radiation here is so dangerous that it can put anyone to sleep.


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