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Why does the lithium ion battery of a mobile explode? Know how to use it safely

One of the most important reasons for battery explosion is overcharging i.e. charging the battery more than necessary.

Smartphone Battery: After the introduction of Lithium Ion battery, there have been revolutionary changes in smartphone batteries. Now there are many such phones available in the market, whose battery can be used for 48 hours. Actually, to give long life to the smartphone battery, there was a search for a powerful battery for a long time, which ended up on Lithium Ion battery.

Lithium ion battery also has another advantage. By using this battery in the smartphone, the weight of the phone has also reduced, making it much easier to carry. Let us tell you that when there was no Lithium Ion battery, the weight of smartphones used to be very high. Amidst all these things, the incident of explosion of Lithium Ion battery troubles the users. That is why we have brought for you information about using smartphones with lithium ion batteries. So that your smartphone and battery remain completely safe.

Why Lithium Ion Batteries?

Lithium ion batteries have started coming in our phones, laptops, smartwatches, cameras and now even electric cars and bikes. One of their specialties is that they are light and can store more energy density in less space. The biggest feature is that they can be recharged hundreds of times. This quality of Lithium Ion battery makes it a favorite, but in some circumstances these qualities also become the reason for its explosion.


One of the most important reasons for battery explosion is overcharging i.e. charging the battery more than necessary. Overcharging not only causes the risk of the battery overheating, but it also weakens the battery life of the phone. Meaning, if you keep your phone charging overnight, even if the phone’s battery explodes, the possibility of the battery getting damaged quickly will be 100 percent. However, nowadays many phones in the market come with such circuits, which slow down the charging after the phone’s battery is 80-85 percent charged, so that the phone does not get overcharged.

But if you charge your phone with some other charger, then in that case such circuits do not work and overcharging occurs. Therefore, it is always advisable to charge the phone with your own charger or use the charger only after checking the input-output voltage.

short circuit

One of the main reasons for phone fire is internal short circuit. Now this short circuit occurs when the positive and negative electrodes of the battery come in contact with each other. This generates heat and the phone explodes. Many times such accidents happen due to physical damage and sometimes internal short circuit occurs due to poor quality fake batteries. In many cases there is also a manufacturing defect. Therefore, if there is a deep dent on the back panel of your phone, then definitely show it to the service center. Similarly, if there is ever a need to replace the phone’s battery, always get the battery replaced from the company’s authorized service center.

external heat

Many times people use their phones in the sun for hours or forget to keep them in the car. In such a situation, the phone becomes excessively hot, due to which there can be a risk of battery explosion. For example, during summer, the temperature inside a closed car parked in the sun reaches 46 degrees Celsius in less than 20 minutes, which increases as time passes. Similarly, the phone should not be used while charging, especially tasks like gaming should never be done while charging.

The internal temperature of the phone gets quite hot while gaming and lithium-ion batteries also get hot while charging. In this situation, there is a possibility of the internal temperature of the phone battery becoming very high, which can lead to accidents like internal short circuit and then battery explosion. Therefore, always let the phone charge peacefully and use it as little as possible while charging.


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