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Why do state services offer to scan the face and voice, and how they will use it

Russians are in no hurry to register their biometric data, because there is neither clarity in understanding how this technology works, nor complete confidence in it. Many are afraid of surveillance or personal data leakage.

What is it for and how biometrics works, said Albert Usenko, head of projects of the department of technological development of SKB-Bank. According to him, biometrics is safe: this data is stored in the EBS, and the information from the documents is stored on the servers of the Unified Information System, on the “State Services”.

Many are confused by face scanning, people are afraid that this data will be used for other purposes. Meanwhile, when scanning a face, a unique mathematical model is created that makes it possible not to confuse a particular person with anyone else, even with a twin. This protects against fraudsters taking possession of personal information.

The same goes for voice scanning. But it is easier to change it, it is enough to record 6-7 seconds of a phone call. Therefore, the expert advised not to say anything important over a cellular connection.

Also, people are often afraid of surveillance, but these fears are in vain. “Many people think that thanks to biometric data, they will be constantly monitored. But at the same time, each of these users for some reason forgets that they have an account in social networks and instant messengers, where they daily upload photos and videos, and exchange voice messages, ”Usenko said.

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