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Why do people have so thin skin?

It is very easy to hurt your skin: you can even do it with a piece of paper. But why does a person need such thin skin? About this – in the material BBC Science Focus Magazine.

Everyone can understand how unpleasant it is to notice bruises on the skin even after they lightly hit the corner of the table, or paper wounds. Acne can also irritate. However, according to the author of the article, these disadvantages become insignificant if we remember the beneficial properties of the skin.

First of all, the skin contains melanin, which protects against the harmful effects of the sun. In addition, there are sweat glands, thanks to which our distant ancestors could feel relatively comfortable when traveling long distances. It should be said about the large number of nerve endings on the hands.

And that’s not all. The skin also adapts easily to environmental conditions. Therefore, scientists are working on the creation of artificially grown skin grafts that will deliver the necessary substances to the body for the treatment of various diseases.

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