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Why do people believe more explanations about how the brain works?

Also, a series of recent studies by Iris Berent and her colleagues have demonstrated why people are so passionate about brain-related ideas. Several hundred participants in the experiment had to diagnose a particular clinical condition using a behavioral test or a test that evaluates brain function (monitoring of brain activity). In fact, both tests made it possible to accurately diagnose, but people believed that the one where the brain activity was analyzed was more informative, and even made conclusions that went beyond what the test suggested.

Iris Berent and colleagues believe that the preference for tests related to the analysis of brain activity is due to the fact that people perceive the mind as something separate from the body. This approach is called dualism. That is, it is easier for a person to explain any action (for example, moving a hand) by the interaction of the brain with a part of the body (hand): the brain makes the hand move.

And that’s not all. In the course of research, it turned out that data related to the brain can, according to people, reveal the “innate essence” of a person. For example, if people find out that a woman has been diagnosed with depression on a brain-related test, they will believe that the disorder will last for a long time and that it may also show up in the patient’s relatives.

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