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Why do most people still love manual cars today? These are the main reasons

full control

There are many reasons behind using a manual transmission, one of which is full control. This is a must for enthusiasts, as a manual car is the right choice if you want to have complete control over the driving. This will let you decide for yourself when to shift gears after considering all the associated factors.

easy maintenance

Cars with automatic gearboxes require regular fluid and filter changes. During normal use of automatic cars, high fluid operating temperatures also cause rapid fluid corrosion. Manual cars do not require these changes, so they are less maintenance.

more wheel power

In the case of automatic cars, the engine loses some of its power due to running an oil pump and slipping torque. Conversely, having a manual transmission in cars means that the manual gearbox sends all the energy to the tires without losing the middle.

Anyone can drive an automatic car

Automatic transmission is provided as an option with almost all cars today and people who drive manual cars drive it on purpose. There are many new car drivers who do not know how to drive a manual car. Driving a manual car sends a message that the driver is serious about it.

better fuel economy

With the increase in fuel prices in the global market, it is very important to think about the cost of fuel while driving a car. Automatic cars added multiple gears and over the past decade fuel usage has increased through engine modifications. Although manual cars still offer fuel-efficient driving.

starts early

When driving a manual car, it is possible to accelerate at a precise time, depending on engine rpm and tire speed. This helps in avoiding the waiting period for an automatic vehicle to determine the correct gear and torque converter slip for acceleration.

a personal relationship with the car

You can’t deny the bond with the car when it comes to having a manual transmission. Shifting gears manually means a personal yet powerful connection to the vehicle, which is not the case with an automatic vehicle.

economical price

While buying a car in India, most people give a lot of importance to the price. If you look at the price of manual transmission cars, then it is much economical than automatic cars. If you look at the price of manual and automatic transmission of a budget car, then there is a difference of about Rs 1 lakh between them.


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