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Why do mosquito repellent lamps have red, blue and yellow lights, is there a connection with flowers?

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This lamp does not have any adverse effect on people’s health like mosquito killer coils and refills.Image Credit source: Amazon

Mosquito Killer Lamp: With the warming of the weather, the menace of mosquitoes will start increasing. After this, you will have to find ways to avoid their stings until the next winter comes. If you are also troubled by mosquitoes, then you should buy a mosquito repellent lamp for yourself.

You must have often seen that red, yellow and blue light is provided in mosquito killing lamps, seeing which often a question comes to your mind as to why lights like the colors of flowers blooming in the garden are used in mosquito killing lamps. . If you don’t know about it then there is no need to worry. Here we will tell you in detail about the best mosquito repellent available in the market and the colorful lights available in it.

Eloxee Mosquito Killer Lamp

Eco friendly mosquito trap lamp is listed on e-commerce site Amazon for Rs 999, which can currently be bought at a discount of 60 percent for only Rs 398. Blue light is provided in this lamp, seeing which mosquitoes are attracted and get burnt and die. This mosquito lamp does not have any bad effect on human health.

CITRODA Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

This mosquito lamp is listed on the e-commerce site Amazon for Rs 7,799, which you can currently buy for only Rs 1,199 at a discount of 85 percent. In this mosquito lamp, light green color light has been provided to attract mosquitoes. This lamp is often installed in offices and restaurants, which eliminates mosquitoes from large areas.

Connection of mosquito lamp light to flowers

Colored light is provided in mosquito lamps because mosquitoes are more attracted towards colours. You must have noticed many times in the flower pots at your home or in the garden that mosquitoes and insects are more attracted towards red, yellow and fragrant flowers. For this reason, colored light is provided in mosquito killer lamps.

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