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Why do manufacturers make bread with synthetic additives

Director of the Federal Research Center All-Russian Institute of Plant Genetic Resources named after N.I. Vavilova (VIR) Elena Khlestkina told why bread with synthetic additives is found on store shelves.

Khlestkina noted that four ingredients are enough for good bread – good flour (from grains of the first or second class), water, yeast and salt. However, if any of this is not of the same quality, additives have to be used.

According to Khlestkina, if flour from wheat of the third or fourth grade is used, then improvers must be added to it. “Market conditions, the purchase price do not encourage the manufacturer to pursue quality by investing in the recommended variety care. And if this is not observed, then it is difficult to obtain grain above the third class even from the best varieties of wheat, ”said the professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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