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Why did the owner of Samsung set mobiles worth crores on fire? You will be shocked to know the truth

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Today, Samsung is not only involved in the smartphone business.Image Credit source: tv9 bharatvarsh

Samsung is the country’s largest smartphone selling company, but there was a time when Samsung’s owner Byung, fed up with the poor performance of his phones, set fire to the stock of Samsung mobiles worth crores.

If you do not know about this story, then you should read this news completely, because here we are going to tell you about many interesting stories related to Samsung, in which you will know that Samsung used to run grocery stores in its initial phase. Was. Let us know about these interesting stories of Samsung.

Why were mobile phones worth crores set on fire?

When Samsung launched its mobile phone for the first time, it did not get good reviews from the users, after which Samsung’s owner Byung Chul ordered to burn millions of mobile phones lying in the inventory and immediately started improving the phones. Gave instructions.

Samsung’s first business was grocery store.

Today, Samsung is a well-known company of mobile, TV and home appliances, but if we look at its beginning, it is known that when the company was started in 1938, its first business was a grocery store, where it sold products like noodles, flour, sugar etc. Goods were sold. Besides, this goods was also exported to many countries. After this, in 1950, company owner Byung Chul tried his hand in insurance and textile sector.

Samsung now does business in these sectors

Today, Samsung is not only involved in the smartphone business, the company is now also involved in the business of semiconductor, real estate, hotels, weapons, fighter jets. At present, the command of Samsung is in the hands of Byung Chul’s son Lee Kun, who is continuously expanding the company’s business.

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